PRECISION GATES is a leading supplier of custom-made security gates and burglar proofing. Our Products include: Pedestrian gates, burglar bars, security enclosures, driveway gates, turnstiles, fencing panels, balustrades and handrails.

All products can be manufactured for indoor and outdoor use and are suitable for both commercial and residential clients.



Firstly, you must decide on what type of product you require: sliding, swing, retractable or fixed. Slamlock or keylock, manual or automated. The design must accommodate your opening size and the look, the style and the colour must compliment your décor and finishes. The purpose of the product will determine the level of privacy, security and access control that your product needs to offer.



Expandable slamlock trellis security gates, with top and bottom tracks, steel downrights, moulded anti-lift metal feet, sealed bearings, a lock channel to conceal your lock and criss-cross braces for stability and added strength are securely attached to your structure at multiple points.

Trellis fixtures are fixed trellis burglar bars or panels to match your expandable gates.

Trellis products are suitable for most structural openings.



Welded security gates and fixed security panels can accommodate various styles and locking systems for protecting doorways, passageways, entrances, patios and most structural openings.

Welded burglar bars are made to fit your windows and are attached directly into the reveal for added security.

Welded driveaway gates and fencing panels are custom-made to fit your driveway and boundary line. 



Custom made, semi-designer and designer products are decorative options for gates, burglar proofing, fencing panels and balustrading.

These products are chosen to compliment your existing architectural style and décor.

You can provide us with a design you like or choose from styles which we have previously manufactured.



Nutec gates and fencing panels are a popular alternative to steel gates and fencing panels.

Nutec products are manufactured with a steel framework and Nutec infills. The steel is galvanized and powder coated and the Nutec is painted.

Nutec products have a sleek, modern look, offer a higher level of privacy and can be colour coded to suit your preferred choice.



Wood products are neat and sturdy and offer added privacy.

Driveway gates, pedestrian gates, fencing panels and enclosures are the most popular products.

The frame is made of galvanized and powder coated steel and the wooden infills can be placed vertically or horizontally to suit your preference. The gaps between the infills can vary according to your specific requirements.



Palisade fencing consists of vertical steel pales secured to horizontal bearers to form panels that mount to posts.

We also manufacture matching driveway and pedestrian gates with steel frames and palisade infills to match your fencing.

Palisade is an effective means of perimeter security.



Clearvue fencing is strong and durable, it offers better visibility and blends into your landscape.

It is a great anti-climb alternative to other perimeter fencing and is made from galvanized steel, which is plastic coated. It is available in different levels of security, with two popular aperture sizes.

We manufacture and install gates, fencing panels and enclosures to suit your opening size and aperture preference.



Clear polycarbonate strips for window openings and aluminium strips for window openings.

Clothing stands, bathroom cabinet stands, countertop stands.

Invertor and gas bottle cages and JoJo tank enclosures.

Decorative plant climbers and arches. Decorative braai backplates, wood storage enclosures, wood and steel fixed seating benches.